50 Best Graduation Congratulation Quotes for FB/Whatsapp/Messanger

50 Best Graduation Congratulation Quotes for FB/Whatsapp/Messanger

This is the time to chase your dreams and set new goals. Believe that you can, and you will! I believe in you and your dreams. Congratulations on this momentous occasion in your life. Enjoy your graduation.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by a ton of bright opportunities that will come your way. This is the start of wonderful things for you. Congratulations on your graduation!

I’m sure that your future will be bright and promising. With someone brilliant and hardworking as you, you will truly go far in life. Well done, chief!

Congratulations on your graduation. I always knew you could do it. Now it’s time to turn your dreams to reality. If you ever need anything, you know I’m just here for you.

You are someone ambitious, brilliant, and hardworking. You also have your heart in the right place. You can achieve anything you set your sights on. Congratulations on your graduation!

I’m so happy with the news of your graduation. I wish you good luck on this exciting new chapter of your life. I pray that you will reach all your goals and make all your dreams come true. Congratulations!


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Sending you a hearty congratulation on this big day! I wish you good luck on the next adventure. I’m sure you will also be very successful. Happy graduation!

Your future is very bright because you have sacrificed a lot of things to get to where you are. I’m very proud of all that you have accomplished. You deserve all the congratulations in the world!

I remember all those nights you stayed up late to study for exams. All the parties that you missed out on, and all the professors you stalked to give you the help that you needed. Now you know that everything is worth it. Congratulations on your graduation!

You should know that this graduation is an outstanding achievement. It not only validates what we already know. It tells the whole world that there’s nothing that you cannot conquer. Congratulations!

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement. I wish you all the best in the career that you will be choosing. Happy graduation!

The journey of life will bring both opportunities and challenges. May you always have fire in your heart to overcome your struggles, and may you always stay motivated when the going gets tough. Congratulations on your graduation!

I know that you must be feeling happy and sad at the same time. Happy because your efforts have all paid off, and sad because you will end a chapter of your life. But remember that this is also a start of a new journey. Congratulations on your graduation!


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Your brilliant achievement is very admirable. May all your dreams come true. Always remember that I will always be here to support you. Congratulations on a job well done.

Start your day believing in your dreams and in your ability to make them come true. Don’t ever doubt that you are made to do great things! Congratulations on your graduation, and welcome to the real world!

Graduation is a very exciting time. It’s both an ending and a beginning. It holds the sweet memories of the past and the exciting dreams of the future. Congratulations! You made it!

Congratulations, graduate! You’re now ready to conquer another set of challenges and experience more of life. I am so excited for you!

Now you know that quitters never win. Aren’t you glad that you didn’t give up? Congratulations on this great achievement!

I commend you for your efforts and dedication. It fills me with great pride to see you graduate because I know all the challenges that you overcame. Congratulations, sweetheart!


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On this momentous occasion, I wish that all your dreams will come true. May all your plans go without a hitch, and may you be surrounded by people who will always support you. Congratulations on your graduation.

It’s going to be a rat race, but I have full confidence in you. May your worries stay small, and may you never bear more than you can hold. You did a tremendous job. Congratulations!

For our dear graduate, congratulations! It’s time to show the world just what you are made of. We are so proud of you! Keep doing us proud.

Congratulations on graduating! This is only the beginning. All the best to you, our star in the making!

You are someone who’s naturally good at everything they do. I just know that you will win at life every time. Keep up the good work, kid! Congratulations on your graduation.

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