Best Goodbye Messages And Wishes for Friends, Colleagues

Best Goodbye Messages And Wishes for Friends, Colleagues

Guess there’s something better at it,
that’s why they call it ‘GOOD’ bye.

May the new beginning
bring lots of prosperity
and success ahead.

As you fly in the sky
of dreams so high,
With heart full blessings
and success for future,
I wish you a goodbye.

Someday you’ll realize
the pain of distance,
someday you’ll realize
the worth of togetherness,
Hope you do well in
whatever path you choose ahead,
that’s my blessing !!


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You may never know when the last goodbye is!
Hope this is not our last GoodBye!!

Good bye friend.
As you move on in your life
into a new era,
I wish you all the best wishes
and hope to see you soon… Again!!

Your memories are what remain after you are depart,
Friends we have been so close there’s no splitting apart,
Wishing you blessings and bidding goodbye,
Hope you succeed in all your steps and fly high

Memories last forever and never die,
Friends live in hearts and never say goodbye.

One thing’s for sure that you’ll be missed,
As without you, I have never lived,
Wish you could stay much longer,
And our bond would have grown much deeper.
GoodBye Dear!!

As you depart for your new dwell,
How much I am going to miss you, I can’t tell,
The weight of heart is unbearable though,
I wish all your dreams come true

Thanks a lot to you,
for going away
and sparing us from the
terror of your jokes!!

You know
how well you can spoil
people around you.
God save your new buddies!
Goodbye Pal!!

Getting drunk without you
will be like,
trying to drive a car
that has no wheels.
Will miss you badly dear friend.


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Thanks a lot for
making up your mind
to finally leave up
and go away!!
Hope you new friends
adjust well with you
as we did.

You lazy lad,
You crazy pal,
You stupid fellow…
I will miss your sweet little ‘Hello’!
Take care!

It’s time for the last class.
It’s time for last lecture.
It’s time for smiles and not to cry,
as we bid each other goodbye.

We shouldn’t be sad
to say goodbye,
instead we should be happy
because we have memories with us
that will be cherished forever.

Sad farewells are
for special person in our lives,
the ones who matter the most
and the ones who’ll leave a void
in our hearts forever when they depart.
Goodbye Dear!

Making me say goodbye
so hard means I had someone
of so worth in my life.
Miss you.

If you know you are not
going to say hello again,
the goodbyes are much more painful.
Hope to see you soon again!

You’re gonna be missed a lot.
Take Care. Goodbye.

Working with you was a pleasure,
partying with you was no less fun,
In the short time that we’ve been together,
I wish you success in ton.
Wishing you a healthy goodbye!!


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Goodbye always doesn’t mean
going away and forgetting,
but a promise made to meet again soon.
Love You!!

As the journey of life takes us in separate ways,
I shall remember and cherish all our golden days,
Bidding you goodbye do hurts like hell,
But I just want to wish you stay well!

Goodbyes also bring new hellos.
So never be sad for what’s leaving behind,
keep the past in memories
and embrace the new beginning.

The more goodbyes you get,
the more you should cherish
the fact that you spread your awesomeness.
Cheers and goodbye.

Goodbyes are not always sad and boring,
They also have a tinge of sharing and caring.

Goodbyes should be made
to that old habit that is not going away for so long,
It should be made
with the moments that
we don’t want to recall anytime,
Goodbyes are never meant
for the sweet little things
in our life that matter more.

Sometimes goodbyes reveal
the truths in our lives.
It lets us know who all actually care for us
and to whom all we matter
because they are the ones who actually care.

You should always keep
your best buddies holding tight
and never out of sight.
Never say goodbyes but
bid them a heartwarming farewell.

Goodbye is not always
meaning departing and separating.
It should rather be treated as a farewell
for the person who’s going to
step into new phase of life.

Cheerfully bid a goodbye
for the moment to say
hello again awaits in future.

Distance cannot separate us even if it is between two cities.
As you move into a new career
I wish you lots of luck and glory
and you may shine like the same in your new workplace too.

Your resignation was a cruel reminder
that all good things always come to an end in life.
We will dearly miss you here.

I find it difficult to say goodbye
not only to a professional colleague
but a mentor who has always been so
supportive and motivating the entire team.
You will be missed.

Bidding goodbye is hard.
But let’s come together to
celebrate the joy of having
spent so much time together
and lets cherish those memories.
Good Luck for future.

Goodbyes are not that hard,
it’s the flashbacks that hurt.
But don’t worry about the past,
move on with joy!
Good luck and Goodbye!

Farewells are given to those
who have made an impact in our lives
and who are always remembered in good faith.
Good Luck Buddy!

Goodbye. Keep in touch.
I’ll miss out the great times we had together.
Adiós Buddy and Good Luck!

No matter wherever I go,
the sweet memories shared
will always go with me forever.
Good luck and Goodbye.

Always part with loving words,
for all bitterness must be left behind.
Farewell friend.

We are really going to miss
trying to ignore you here. LOL!

Goodbyes will always hurt,
memories will bring smiles,
Words always fall short
for the one who’s going away miles.
Goodbye dear friend

Don’t let the goodbyes hold you to your past,
March ahead as life’s full of surprises so vast.
Goodbye Best Friend!

Don’t let the goodbyes hold you to your past,
March ahead as life’s full of surprises so vast.
Goodbye Best Friend!

Treat all goodbyes
as loved blessings
from all the loved
and dear ones who actually
feel they are going to miss you.