Best 100 Collection Good Evening Hindi Status in 2018`

Best 100 Collection Good Evening Hindi Status in 2018`

Just like the froth in beer rises,
To the top of the glass and disappears,
I wish that all your worries and fears disappear,
As the evening fills up your glass of life,,
Good Evening…

Shaam hotey hi yeh dil udas hota hain,
Sapno ke siva kuchh na pas hota hai,
Aap ko bahut yaad kartey hain hum,
Yado ka hr lmha mere liye khas hota hai,,
Good Evening…

Dil Me Khusiyo Ki Aahat Rakhna,
Zindagi Me Jeetne Ki Chahat Rakhna.
Or Kya Doge Hume Koi Tohfa Bas Apne,
Honto Pe Yuhi Muskurahat Rakhna…
Good Evening..


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Be Cool AS Ice!
Be Clear As Water!
Be Pure As Milk!
Be Soft As Baby!
Be Cute As You
!So That you Can Be Smart Forever Like Me.
Good Evening Wish To You…

Dimag aur Dil me, utna hi fark hai, jitna Phonebook aur Inbox me, Phonebook me hajaroo milate hai, Lekin Apne, sirf Inbox me milate hai dost……Good Evening

Karoge Yaad Ek Din Is Pyar Ke Zamane Ko, Chale Jayenge Jab Hum Kabhi Na Vapas Aane Ko. Chalega Mehfil Me Jab Zikr Hamara Koi, To Tum Bhi Tanhayi Dhundoge Aansu Bahane Ko….. Good Evening.

Zindgi Chotti Or Jinaa Asaan Hai, Saath Nibhaana Muskil Kaam Hai, Lekin Vaada Hei Aapsey Jab Tak Zindagi Hai, Dost Bankr Hum Apkey Saath Hai…… Gud Evening.

Why does the news start with Good Evening and then they tell you everything that’s wrong in the world?

Good Evening everybody! Remember you are beautiful because God never makes mistakes Good Evening!!

Dil mein Khushiyo Ki aahat rakhna
Zingagi mein jeetne ki chahat rakhna
Aur kya doge hamein koi tohfa bas
Apne hotho pe yuhi muskurahat rakhna….
Good Evening

Khushi ke liye kam karoge to khushi
nahi milegi, Lekin Khush hokar kam
karoge to khushi jarur milegi..
Good Evening..


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Roz dhalti huyi shaam se dar lagta hain,
Ab mujhe ishq ke anjaam se dar lagta h
Jab se tumne mujhe dhokha diya,
Tabse mohabbat k nam se b dar lagta hai.

Teri ulfat ko kbhi naakam na hone denge
Teri pyar ko kbhi badnam na hone dege
Meri zindagi me sooraj nikale naa nikale,
Teri zindgi me kbhi sham na hone denge.

Chai Thandi Ho Gayi, Garam Karlo, Apne Patthar Se Dil Ko Naram Kar Lo, Sham Ho Gayi Hai Fir Bhi Sms Nahi Kiya, Arre Yaar Thodi Sit Oh Sharam Kar Lo….. Good Evening?

Karoge Yaad Ek Din Is Pyar Ke Zamane Ko, Chale Jayenge Jab Hum Kabhi Na Vapas Aane Ko. Chalega Mehfil Me Jab Zikr Hamara Koi, To Tum Bhi Tanhayi Dhundoge Aansu Bahane Ko….. Good Evening..

Din gujar jata hai apko soch soch kar
Aati hai sham din gujar jaane ke baad
Kat ti nahin sham ki tanhaiyaan,
Jaati nahi teri yaad tere jaane ke baad..

Dil Me Khushiyo Ki Aahat Rakhna
Zindagi Me Jeetne Ki Chahat
Rakhna Aur Kya Doge Hamein Koi
Tohfa Bas Apne Hotho Pe Yuhi
Muskurahat Rakhna..

A clay pot having milk will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison.
Not our outer glamour but our inner virtues make us valuable…
GOOD evening my clay pot.

Teri ulfat ko kbhi naakam na hone denge,
Teri pyar ko kbhi badnam na hone dege,
Meri zindagi me sooraj nikale naa nikale,
Teri zindgi me kbhi sham na hone denge,,
Good Evening…

Aapki DOSTI Ki ek Nazar Chahiye,
Dil hai bay ghar use ek ghar Chahiye,
Bas yun hi SAATH chalte raho ae DOST,
Ye DOSTI humain UMARBHAR Chahiye,,
Good Evening…

Kisi ko fikar h meri?
Ehsaas h mera.?
Bas mai hi SmS karu..?
Mjhe SmS kon krega..?
Good evining kon khega,,
Good Evening..

An apple msg for an orange
a person from a strawberry friend
for a pineapple reason at
a mango time on a jack-fruit day in a
grape mood to say fruity good evening dear!!
Good Evening..

kisi ko bhi yaad nahi ki yahaan koi intazaar kar rahi hai,
koi mar rahi hai. tadap rahi hai,
tumse milne ke liye nahi msg paane ke liye buddhu,,
Good evening.

May the lovely evening sun,
photobomb all the lovely selfies you take with your
love and friend’s. Gud evening.

I like evening because it is the time we can go on romantic dates together. Good Evening..

Jindgi chhoti or jina asan he.
Sath nibhana muskil kam hai.
lekin vada hai aapse jab tak jindgi
sath hai hum dost bankar aapke sath hai.

Chayi thandi ho gayi garam kar lo
Apne pathar se dil ko naram kar lo
Shaam ho gayi hai fir bhi sms nahi kiya
Arre yaar thodi si to sharam kar lo..

The shine of your smile might Can move away the clouds of sadness,
From some one’ce life today, So always keep smiling.
Nice evening.

My wishes are silent but true, Everywhere they will follow you… Luck is yours,Wishes are mine… I wish your present & future always shine… Good Evening

The sweet line from Jesus Christ: “I’ve come to you not to make you love me, but rather to make you realize that you’re worth loving.” Good evening!

A Simple Good Evening Becomes
A Special Greeting When Someone
So Dear It Is Heartily Given,
Because You Have To Me A Wonderful
Meaning. Good Evening Take Care.

Mujhe na jeene ki khushi hain ab,
Or na hi marney ka hain gam,
Unse milney ki dua bhi nahi karte hum,
Kyuki ab hr sham h unki yado ke sang.

Evenings Are Your Chance To
Forget The Mistakes You Made
During The Day, So For The
Sweetest Of Dreams, You Can
Pave The Way.


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Future is Not something U Await!
It is something U Must Create!
Plan ur Future in Advance coz that’s where
U will Spend the Rest of ur Life! Good Evening…

In life,we have a lot to Lose & very little to Choose..!
Whenever u get a chance to choose, do it wisely
Gud Evening.

Kisi ko fikar hai meri.?
Ehsaas hai mera.?
Bas mein hi SmS karu..?
Mujhe SmS kon karega..?
Good eveninv kon khega..

Worries are like Moon.
One day will increase, one day will decrease,
other day may not be seen.
So Don’t Worry for Anything.
Always Be cool. Good evening …:-)

Its human tendency to run behind people whom we love and
neglect the ones who love us bcoz
We r sure we’ll never loss them
….strange bt very true…
Good evening

Energy reduces
sweeting stops
cool wind comes
sun starts to set
legs count their step
that time if a frnd says gd eveng
how ur heart feels
Good Morning

The sunshine of ur smile might
chase d clouds from sum1’s life 2day..
So keep smiling.
Good Evening

Evenings are the beautifully sweet spot
between the harsh light of the day
and the dead darkness of night.
Good Evening.

Evening is the time for some joy,
It is the time for some peace and coy,
The evenings are best time to rejoice,
With lots and lots of voice,
Have a lovely evening this day,
Make the most of this time and day,
Good Evening!!

Raat Hooi Jab Shaam K Baad, Teri Yaad Aai Har Baat K Baad, Hamney Khamosh Rehkr Bhi Dekha, Teri Awaaz Aayi Har Saans K Baad……. Good Evening.

Dil me khushiyo ki aahat rakhna, zindagi me jeetne ki chahat rakhna, aur kya doge hamein koi tohfa bas, apne hotho pe yuhi muskurahat rakhna….. Good evening!