125 Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend in English

125 Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend in English

I might give you the celebs and the moon if I just may want to
Just to show how a whole lot I really love you.
It’s just too bad, I couldn’t.
So simply let me be by means of your aspect and display my love for you all the time.
I love you very a good deal.

I want I should usually be with you.
Wrapping my hands around you
I continuously reflect on consideration on you.
I miss you and I love you!

Tell me where your heart is, tell me where you keep it, tell me where it stays because i will like to be where your heart is, i will like to find it and live where your heart is


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You take me to heights i ever imagined, you make me feel high when am feeling low, you bring me happiness when am feeling sad, you are my life i can’t let you go

If this is a love dream about you, please don’t wake me up, because i love the feeling and that’s what has kept this dream going and i don’t want it to stop, i am enjoying it.

No one can ever love you like i can, i was wired to love only you, why are you looking down all the wrong roads, mine is the right road to take

You consume all the air in my lungs, you rip off all the skins from my bones, am prepared to sacrifice my life over and over again for your love

When the light goes out, you are my light, when i cry you are are smile, i love you

I want to wake up with you when am 60, that’s how much i love and want to be with you

You are not drop dead gorgeous but you kill me anyway, you weaken me in the knees, maybe its just your sweetness, but whatever it is, i love it because it makes me feel whole and complete

You are asking questions when you know the answers, that is silly, well love makes us do silly things, so that proves you love me

You lighten my world with your joy and beauty, every time and with you i feel hopeful and joyful, no worries, no pressure, just pure bliss i don’t want to loose this feeling ever


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Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend in English
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Call me, write me, love me, come hold me, that’s all i keep thinking about, i can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think, pick up the phone, call me, pull out a paper and pen, write me, think about me and what you can do for me, love me, visit me, come hold me

Its been different since you left, and i have realized i cannot live without you, baby come back in my world, lately it has been lonely

Do you mind if i run my fingers through your chest, will it show you much i need you close to me, the thought of it just drives me wild

I don’t want to do anything else, loving you is all that i have to do and i want to do just that. if loving you is all i have to do then it won’t be wrong

Every time am with you i loose track of time, a few hours with you is like a week, when am with you, nothing else matters.

I discovered a flower blooming inside my heart – do you understand the name of the flower?
I discovered a spark in my eyes – do the name of the spark?
I found the solution at final – it’s the love I’ve on you,
Sure I really love you a lot and you simply everything for me my darling

Love is a miracle occurring inside the coronary heart;
The miracle happened to me too,
I’ve fallen in love with you in the interim after I noticed you for the first time.
I really love you!


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50 Sweet Love SMS for Girlfriend
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I sense so blessed to have a remarkable and unique female friend love you.
You are considered one of a kind and I love you a lot.
Just understand that you’re unique and loved.

“Our love is a mocha latte. You’re hot like coffee, sweet like sugar and filled with a little extra pep to make it simply perfect.”

“To have you for only a few years would kill me. You’re the desire that sparks my life.”

“The fires of hell would be better with you than all of the happiness in heaven if you weren’t mine.”

“The doctor took an x-ray of my heart and almost fainted. He asked me what happened with a scared look on his face. I told him don’t worry, I gave my heart to you. That’s why it is missing.”

“I would be content with my life if it stopped today. I will always know that you have made me the happiest I will ever be.”

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