170 Sweet Cute Love Sms Messages for Him or Her

170 Sweet Cute Love Sms Messages for Him or Her

When I have seen you, I realized that love exists, my heart skipped a beat and now it beats only for you.

Miles are between us, the ocean divides us, but I am sending you my kisses, they will reach you even through this distance. Have you got them?

My heart irresistibly strives to you, I cannot do anything with it, you are the part of me.

When ideas are lost, the world is ruled under nonchalance… You out of my life, and I am reduced to a box of chaos.

You are the very truth that sets my life free of its agelong misery. I couldn’t have come this far without your love.

Love has the capacity to grow endlessly when it finds the perfect heart. Take away your love from me and I become nothing.

Nothing could have made me feel this great. Nothing, but your love, could have exposed me to this avalanche of romantic moments.


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Sweet Cute Love SMS Messages for Him or Her
Romantic Love Messages for Him & Her

Moments without you would make a fuss out of my life. Like I am empty from within staying a second away from you, my love.

Love is great, love is wonderful, love is the force behind ecstasy and the last time I checked, love is you.

Life is incomplete without a touch of love as my days are incomplete without a thought of you.

Imperfection is nothing where there is boundless love: thinking about your love makes me see this as absolute truth.

Truth be told, you deserve all that makes me great. I must confess, your love and care are just matchless.

Matchless is the word that describe my life when it has you in it, and nothingness is it when you are out of it.

Sweet is nothing called without it being tasted. I have tasted you and you are nothing short of amazing! You deserve my all!

You and I, together forever. Staying glued to you ever and ever. To leave you for another lover, that I’ll do never.

My all in one, that’s all I call you. My morning night and noon, that is who you will be to me.

I can never be tired of risking my moments and my days for you. And never will I be weary of giving my best to love and care for you. I love you.


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Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend in English

Ecstasy is what your love has taught me. Joyfully, I can say, my life is out of its miseries. You deserve me my love.

I am loving my life. Oh this is amazing. My life with you, is more than I ever dreamt of.

My life changed it course. Moved from worst to best. I looked around and I discovered it’s been you all along.

There are many things to consider for a life of significance and I am glad you are the first on the list. In am glad I have you.

Even if days would turn nights and all oceans would get dried, as long as I am with you, my world is alright.

Boundless is it. The love between us. And timeless is it, our being together in love. You have me, and I have you. I love you.

Your love burns within me like fire. Mouth shut, I can’t shout! All the gloomy parts of me you turn aglow. Your love is truly unconditional.

Your love for me is endless, and so mine for you will be ageless. Every day of my life, starting from today, it is you I want to love.

Mountains can move away, oceans can dry off, the sun may cease to shine… But never will I cease to love you. You are sweet.

If “care” can be personified, I will have two wives: you and your care. I love you so much.

Your love pleases me beyond words. Your care touches me more than romantic tickling. You deserve me, none else does!

You are my better half. You make me better, make me best – you make me gorgeously whole! I love you.

Too lovely are you to behold. I would be senseless if I only plan to take a glimpse of you! I love you from your head to your toe.

I won’t be the one that causes grief to you. But the one that will cause you to enjoy it all for being mine. I love you.

Your thought is ever like millions of hormones sent through my vein! Your love is supernatural. I love you.

In my schedules, you will always come first. Sticking with you forever, and never will I leave. You’ve got the whole of me, forever. I love you.

Your love is awesome and wonderful. It makes unforgettable memories. I can do without my daily meal, but not without your love! I love you.

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